About Our Network

Your Dedicated Team Of Network Connectors.

Black Brokers Network helps you to achieve your home ownership goals. We also deal with the fund raising of your non-profit organizations like churches, temples, lodges, fraternities, sororities and civic organizations, fraternities, community service associations etc.

Here we set goals to empower organizations and real estate professionals to make progressive innovative steps toward increasing Black homeownership. Our agents make sure that the service they are providing will be beneficial to the client by any means.

For decades our members have educated and empowered individuals, families, communities and organizations with the tools to become successful home-owners, investors and stake-holders.

Black Brokers Network has developed a winning strategy across the country and will stand firm with you in all your real estate endeavors. Join our network to strengthen your knowledge base, increase your opportunities and your bottom line

Black Brokers network will stand firm with you in all your real estate endeavors. Here you can also earn commission on sales every time when you refer to other network members.


Every business has a story, and it is a milestone for us that we are growing rapidly, because of the client's satisfactory reviews and their credibility towards Black Brokers Network. It is a story of expert depiction, professionalism, tenacity and market knowledge. That story and our team’s efficiency are the reasons behind our growth.


Our passion to increase the rate of black home ownership led us here. Now our team and community are getting stronger and firm. Hear about our successes on The Voice of Black Real Estate Podcast and House Then The Car Facebook show. This same passion inspires us to push boundaries, be innovative and differentiate ourselves from others.


Our team will make time and assure you the guaranteed results, although we stay busy in helping and making easier ways for our consumers to cope with their real estate needs. Many non-profit organizations benefit from our agents giving of their time and resources. Our agents are lucrative in their dedicated profession of supporting buyers and sellers, they also invest their time and energy to create a difference and impact lives in their respective communities.



A BBN member of the Black Brokers Network (BBN) is the premier association highlighting Black Real Estate Professionals in the United States of America.


A BBN member is dedicated to increasing Black home-ownership and Black wealth building strategies


A BBN member is dedicated to enhancing the economic enhancement of their clients


A BBN member is any State license real estate professional


A BBN member is not limited to a broker; but can be a salesperson, loan officer, appraiser, painter, insurance agent, etc